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2007-08-07 17:59:17 by yodd

>:D lolol

Thing I noticed

2007-07-29 02:51:12 by yodd

Everyone is preppy and having fun twith their new blogs, posting here and there like "OMG I <3 YOU MAN, WE DID THAT THREAD TOGETHER!!!". Even the mods and admins are joining in on the "fun" which I have missed out on a bunch. They post on every users page, I see Tom, or maus posting on all my NG buddy's blogs... but not mine. C'MON GUYS, WHY.

No "html aids"

2007-07-17 23:28:45 by yodd

This is not right. Now it is "quick HTML". HTML AIDS was funny. ;_;

We need to keep html aids.