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2007-10-10 01:02:37 by yodd

Not much to say, but today I will make a serious news post. So, I haven't been on much lately. whatever, i'm sure the BBS can do quite okay without ¥odd for a bit.

I am however making some flash.

For one, I am making a flash cartoon for school. it is a basic exercise to get used to tweening and alpha and even some filters. I have started it, maybe in a week or two I will have it on newgrounds. but of course, i'd like to put it in school before newgrounds.

Erm, Well I Started a game... two months ago and worked on it for 2 days. Yes, yes, I used a tutorial. But I did however change the engine myself, which is an okay step. (I suck at AS). I really just want to make the graphics good, and maybe go for some higher scores. I have had a bit of fun submitting some spam, but I like t to make serious submissions, and not collabs. I have never really submitted a full thing, but I am finally planning to. Speaking of collabs. I was thinking of maybe starting up some small collabs, just to get some practice in animating. hmm. hmm

Well, thats all I really have to say. Keep an eye out in the portal!


2007-09-23 23:51:55 by yodd

I Scratched the family bmw.

Now, on another note


lmfao, copy that avatar faggotssssssssssss

Also, brb for a month, so I won't be on your internets, putting logic in ur threads :3


Can you return my videotapes?

2007-09-11 21:21:29 by yodd

You can take my BMW, I call her papsy
Papsy being the girl I lost my virginity to
And if I remember correctly, I paid too much for her as well


2007-08-30 00:29:23 by yodd


Pardon the MS paint while Photoshop is down :D


2007-08-30 00:27:14 by yodd

alias: yodd

password: Wazzat331

School sucks collab

2007-08-30 00:02:57 by yodd

each person who joins this collab must think of 3 resons why school sucks and then make an animated cartoon out of each one. post here to join, and when you join, post the 3 reasons you made up. you can't use the same reason that someone else already used! think of your own. the dimensions are 550x and 400y and the fps is 33. i also don't wan't any half @$$ed peices of crap that are not much better than the stuff the kitty krew makes. speaking of the kitty krew, NO KITTY KREW ALLOUD!!!!!

here are my 3 reasons:
1. teachers who assign mountains of homework each night, but can't figure out why your falling asleep in class.
2.when the whole class gets lunch detention just because one or 2 kids where talking. how come when only one kid gets an A, the whole class doesn't get a good grade?
3. schools with strict dress codes, with staff who apperently believe that students learn better when thair dressed like idiots.

so, who wants to join?

Regarding bedn.

2007-08-27 19:45:58 by yodd

It wasn't funny, it isn't funny and it won't be funny. And any of you who like it should go die.

So, im UOTD

2007-08-24 14:14:56 by yodd


So, im UOTD

So I heard you liek Mudkips?

2007-08-23 00:12:37 by yodd

I liek mudkips too :3

So I heard you liek Mudkips?


2007-08-12 15:35:01 by yodd