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2008-05-06 18:26:02 by yodd

I apologize for the original text in this post as it was innapropraite.

In other news, I missed another fucking day on newgrounds where you can submit a flash and get it passed.

Only one '08 flash and it sucks bawls.

Owner of a lonely heart

2008-04-21 00:19:39 by yodd

Much better than a owner of a broken heart.

In the next world war

2008-03-28 17:13:09 by yodd

In a jackknifed juggernaut
I am born again
In the neon sign scrolling up and down
I am born again

In an intastella burst I am back to save the universe!

in a deep deep sssleep of the innocent
I am born again

In a fAAst German Car
im amazed that I survuved
an airbag saved my life

And thats me posting radiohead lyrics because i'm a fucking lazy cunt who doesn't do anything.

woah, hey

2008-03-10 09:35:37 by yodd

ERROR - You have been temporarily banned from posting to the BBS for 14 days. You have 10 days, 18 hours, 42 minutes and 2 seconds left until your ban is lifted. Do not attempt to create a secondary account to get around this ban. If we find evidence of you doing so all of your accounts will be terminated.

K, fuck.

But i'm going to Arizona friday, so its all good. I got smash bros brawl yesterday, its fucking sweet, everything I expected out of it. I Have unlocked a few new characters, but still on the hunt for solid snake, who I want most.

I suck at it now, but I just need to get used to the new futures which can't take very long. Also, of the new characters, i like metaknight best thus far, I am good with him and hes good as fuck. Pit is also cool.

Peace out.

2 years

2008-02-24 21:29:49 by yodd

I just realized i've wasted two years of my life here.

Well, a bit more now.

I have nothing to post.


Never been banned

2008-02-03 22:58:34 by yodd

I like to think I am one of the regulars who shapes the BBS.

Aside from my usually intelligent posts in every thread I come by, my outstandingly good looks and my witty humor, I have something else on the newgrounds BBS that other users have trouble doing.

Thats right, i've never been banned.
It's been almost two years since I made my account on NG and started posting on Newgrounds daily (Not as much anymore as I used to). It sets me from the regular newgrounds user.

Though I occasionally flame people, I refrain myself from personally attacking them, so I never cause havoc on the forums. I am careful when entering a topic, making sure that it isn't spam, so I won't get a ban for posting in it

I've never picture spammed, reposted topics, bumped topics, made spam posts, posted pokemon porn...

Never done any of it.

And thats what makes me a great newgrounds user.

For my decorum I should be modded.

Never been banned

Some news from myself

2008-01-15 18:05:34 by yodd

1) Audio artist? You bet I am.

Over the break I made 3 short, but bad songs and uploaded them to Newgrounds. Please check them out, and review as I love to see reviews.


Well, sort of. Catoblepas showed me this spiffy pixel tool, and I had to use it, so I made a fishy game over night not to long ago-- For the time it took to make I am rather pleased, however the outcome wasn't so great. Go ahead and review that as well ^_^ http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/
It's nothing real new or interesting, but whatever, its my first Non-spam flash since last may possibly.

3) other shit that you probably don't care about

IN FLAMES one of my favorite bands will be arriving in Saskatoon in May (Along with Megadeth, Job For a cowboy, Children Of Bodom, and high on fire). I will most certainly be going to that, i'm excited now, and its so far away :(.

I get my Liscense On Fenruary 6th (VROOM VROOM)

I smell

2007-12-31 15:10:44 by yodd

Because I like trends.

Happy new years all, my bithday is coming up soon, so wish me a good one and such.


2007-12-08 23:29:50 by yodd


Sup all, long time no post or any shit.


Pretty much nothing, I am working, school has kept me rather busy and my social life has taken away my e-identity.

So because I am lazy, and in a bit of a hurry, I will jot down things that are happening.
-About 1000000 unfinished flash projects, might finish one soon
-Getting ready for christmas, god I hope I get that bass guitar!
-Its cold as fuck out, while one of my parents gets to be in fucking central america right now for another week >:(
-I've been working tons
-Acheived honor rolls
-Getting full liscense within the next month
-Birthday soon
-Had a bit of a cold, sore throat and such, hasn't bothered me yet
-Made a table and a chair out of wood, got good marks on them, making a sweet ass flying v guitar clock.
-Logged onto msn for the first time in 12 days about an hour ago.

And I will click post it..... now.

shit, I mean now.

Administrative ban

2007-10-28 13:51:51 by yodd

This user has been locked out of his account for posting inappropriate and possibly illegal content on his user page. Do not make the same mistake he did. This user may be allowed to regain access to his account at a later date.