Ask me a high

2009-08-23 00:23:18 by yodd

IM high as fuck, ask me something


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2009-08-23 00:28:14

has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?

yodd responds:

Good question, but I like to think of look like = Jane's addiction


2009-08-23 00:28:24

what weed u get and what u use to smoke it with

yodd responds:

I get numerous starins and fuckin' whatever my dealers have, Juicy fruit and white widow are my favs that ive had, quebec gold is fucking good too.

I have a 1 foot bong, a green gandolf pipe, bob marley papers and a cigarette shaped one hitter.


2009-08-23 00:28:56

what is 2+2=?
and don't say fish cause i checked...

o and what color boxers am i wearing?

yodd responds:

2+2=5 if you are a radiohead fan, otherwise 4.

Your boxers are mainly white with some red and black however. Ohter colors play a very minor part and are there for detail stricltly


2009-08-23 00:32:58

What do you get if you cross a soccer ball with a change purse?

yodd responds:

a black dude?


2009-08-23 00:47:36

Why am I asking this question?

yodd responds:

Because weeed rox


2009-08-23 00:59:37

what AREN'T you expecting to see right now?

yodd responds:

A dragon raping electircx wizxard while eating shit from sarah silverman


2009-08-23 01:04:41


yodd responds:

That is racist. And yes!


2009-08-23 01:55:36

are you high?

asj klks oiop psdlk saqqwqqw lllsd opoa???

yodd responds:

I was very much.

Phillip Ontakos, $3.99.


2009-08-23 01:58:30

what do you do if someone comes up to you and yells "NIPPLES! that is all..."

yodd responds:

I show mine.


2009-08-23 02:02:40

me too!

uh fuck... wanna fucking get higher?

yodd responds:

Some day soon I will get triple high.


2009-08-23 02:07:37

Electric Wizard is the shit, and probably perfect for you to listen to about now. However, you probably didn't mean for a dragon to be raping the band.

yodd responds:

Elecric Wizard is one of my favorite stoner metal bands. Along with Black Pyramid.


2009-08-23 02:17:54

Do you think you could be hit by a car going 20 mph and survive?

If so you should try it.

yodd responds:

Hmm. K. I'll Victoria the shit outta the car.


2009-08-23 02:52:52

ask me a high
ask me a low
ask me a question
young fell-ow?

yodd responds:

How are you today?


2009-08-23 03:10:58


yodd responds:

No. Rude


2009-08-23 03:58:05

on a scale 1 to 30 how high are you?

yodd responds:

To 35- 80 maybe 10 I was


2009-08-23 04:16:42

pork chop sandwiches

yodd responds:

Roast beef Sandwhiches are the shit dude, had one high.


2009-08-23 04:59:48

what is your favorite food to eat when you are high?

yodd responds:

One time I invented Todd Smores, which were marshmallows with peanut butter and Nutella warmed up. They were good.

However my favorite foods high must be foods that are both delicious and have odd textures. Asian food is a good example, also toaster strudells are very yummy with the hot inside. Of course you can't go wrong with pizza, hamburgers, etc.


2009-08-23 06:59:19

your banner looks like goatse

yodd responds:

eye vagina.


2009-08-23 07:52:39

Why do you want to be a fisherman?

yodd responds:

Because I like putting eels in my urethra.


2009-08-23 14:08:02

In Absentia, by Porcupine Tree.
Good album, I see you like the cover as your display picture.

yodd responds:

Good album, not their best. I like Deadwing and Signify best, really excited for the incident.


2009-08-23 16:29:11

can we smoke together sometime?

yodd responds:

That would be rockin'


2009-08-23 20:32:10

Are you real or just black or both ( both is bad and so is black)

yodd responds:

I know all about the planet hoth, thats because i'm totally goth.