I'm actually making a flash

2008-06-07 01:49:04 by yodd

Probably will be done around early July. Me and my friend got a tablet and are screwing around with it. Its a decent no-name tablet, it certainly does the trick. Taking some getting used to, but it'll come.

Anyway. The flash probably won't make musch sense but it will contiain squids and an array of terrific colors.


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2008-06-07 02:20:54

bring on da colors!


2008-06-07 08:15:14

Stop it BOBBY!!
He does that to me but I DELETE!!


2008-06-07 14:21:10

Does your school participate in Skills Canada? I'm going to be entering next year for animation, and it would be cool to see you there. Haven't seen much "good" flash from you lately, and you should get back on NGC.


2008-06-07 16:23:28

Yay, hope its good. I'll vote 5


2008-07-27 18:39:30

I just made an audio submission! We're like portal buddies!


2008-08-09 19:10:28

Since you're a police officer, can you issue tickets?
I would like to be nominated by the Police Fairy.